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This page is entirely dedicated to the deviosuly amazing
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Eating from a male perspective

i kissed around her legs, and blew warm air on her swollen clit. It was the perfect mix, chocolate and caramel. Me being of Jamaican decent, and her a spicy specimen from Colombia and brazil. She moaned . ” tease me babe” as she panted. I asked her if she was a good girl, if she deserved it, and she cried and pleaded that she was. She looked at me as i got closer to her phat pussy lips again. when i was going to suck her clit into my mouth, i licked my lips to wet them instead, and laid a soft yet sucking kiss on her clit which sent her into the air , eyes wide and looking full of bliss and yet frustration. she grabbed my head and forced it down with everything she had. It had been a while, and she was not letting me leave without sucking the soul out of her. I enjoyed kissing teasing and sucking and slurping on her pussy and occasionally sticking my tongue in her wet slit to get her to jump up and moan. Even though it left a decent amount of scratches on my milk-chocolate colored neck and shoulders. as she got closer she started the violent shaking and twitching.she grabbed the sheets as my skin can only take so much. Feeling waves of her sweet warm wet juice hitting my upper lip like a sea storm got my dick so hard it nearly hurt. her mouth just stood open, silent, and a high pitched squeal came from her as she started to shiver and make all types of faces. 2 distinct faces i remember well was the “where did you get this tongue” and ” is this happening? Am i really feeling this” face. I fingered her g-spot when she got closer and when i started to suck and slurp harder i heard the sheets rip in her grasp . She came hard and violent. Her body shook like a playstation controller with Parkinson’s , i could see every vein in her neck. And im sure she saw what she thought was heaven. At this point her mouth was silent but from the looks she was attempting to say the word “papiiii” And before i knew it my whole face was wet and sticky, she a sweaty hot mix of sexual relief and love. Later that night she handcuffed me to the bed and forced herself onto me with no condom….I find eating her calms her down after the pregnancy mood swings kick in. What can i say? Do your job and they’ll make a reason to keep you . ;)

Camping Trip

Camping Trip

It had been a hard few weeks and I just needed to get away. I searched the Internet for a quick break and found a camping weekend with all equipment in the south of France.

It was a midweek break Monday to Friday. As I boarded the Eurostar, I smelt the most wonderful perfume. I had a car waiting for me and drove the rest of the way. My tent was amazing a proper home from home, I had paid extra and they had stocked the fridge with food and lots of wine.

The tent next to me also had somebody in, it was quite I presumed they were out for the day, just undies on the line, and very nice ones too. I had a nap, then showered, through an omelette together and drank a few glasses of wine.

I went for a stroll, the air was warm and the moon was full. I ended up in the club house. Just an acoustic act was on so not to loud. I had a few drinks then headed back. As I sat outside looking at the stars I could hear my neighbour was home, a light came on and the silhouette of a woman on her own was seen through the tent. She was obviously getting ready for bed oblivious that she could be seen.

Oh my god I could see she was removing everything, it was a very warm night so I presumed she was hot. Those breasts look nice I said to myself. Was it wrong to watch, of course but did I care, no. As she lay down the light went out.

I was about to take my last sip of wine, when I heard a sound close by, a sound so nice my heart skipped a beat. It was like the sound of a fresh peach being gently pulled apart and the juice squirting out. Oh my god it was coming from the tent next door, I quietly moved a little closer, it was so wrong but did I care, no. I sat down and listened to the woman pleasuring herself, it was amazing. After a few minutes I heard a large sigh. Shame she turned the light off.

I went back to my tent, and got ready for bed with a stonking erection, I couldn’t sleep with this standing loud and proud, so laid down for a good wank, while thinking about the last few minutes. It had been a while and I soon shot my load, turned off the light and went to sleep.

I woke quite late, but it didn’t matter I was on holiday, as I cooked my brunch I noticed a new set of undies hanging out to dry next door, sexy red ones.

It was a day of chilling out and drinking wine, and sleeping in the afternoon dreaming of the night before. I woke and the sun was setting. She was back, still not seen her but I could hear her Singing along to the radio.

I got ready and went back to the club, wanting to say hello to my neighbour on the way, but she was out again, but it did give the excuse of making hand on contact with her undies, naughty but very very nice.

As I sat there drinking and getting more and more drunk, I noticed a very good looking lady all on her own , suddenly the bar man asked me if I wanted another drink, wee I said, oh he said I thought you were on the Southern Comfort and as I turned back the sexy lady had gone.

It was 2am the club was still busy as i stumbled back towards my tent. I could smell the most wonderful perfume again, in the distance was a woman on her own looking tipsy, she went into the tent next to mine. I really should say hello.

As I got closer I could see her getting ready for bed again, would be rude to say hello now, would put her on the spot as she was naked. Oh my god she was at it again but this time she was quite loud with her sexual sounds. It was my lucky day she had left the door unzipped. And I had a good look in as I stumbled by, I stumbled a bit too much and fell right through the door and ended up laying next to her on the bed. She didn’t scream, she just laughed.

I am really sorry I walked into the wrong tent, and she just laughed even more. I don’t think so she said, you were watching me weren’t you. No I protested, oh come on she said, I was watching you last night when you were wanking, at least I turn the light off when I finger myself. I played with my pussy last night then came outside for some air and watched you wanking, your cock looked huge what got you so excited.

Well to be honest, I was listening to you last night and got very horny, funny though because I was gutted when you turned your light out. Well how about watching this time she said in a sexy tipsy voice, I would like to cum twice before you take me. And I have already cum once, she pushed her fingers into my mouth, the taste of her juice was so sweet.

I sat and watched as she rubbed her clit with two fingers in a circular motion, she was biting her lip and moving fast then slow, her breathing changed as she noticed my cock pushing against my shorts. Her fingers suddenly pushed forward and went deep between her moist lips, her other hand came forward and played with her clit, I watched in ore as her juice flowed from within, and her nipples grew to heavenly peaks that called for attention. She arrived carried on fingering until she could take no more, I was so tempted to bury my face between her legs and lap away, but didn’t want to take advantage.

“If you want me you can take me” she said as she turned over onto her stomach. How could I resist. I removed my clothes and sat down on her legs, my cock was homing in on the moist love tunnel before me. I slid forward and entered her pussy, at the same time I ran my nails down her back causing her to grab her pillow and scream out in pleasure. It all started off very slowly with me riding her gently, we then rolled onto our side and I was able to penetrate her even deeper.

Due to drinking loads I was able to fuck her for about 2 hours until we were both knackered. We had fucked in so many ways finishing with a good session doggie style, she seemed to like this the most, as much as when she rode me.

We collapsed into a heap dripping wet with sexual sweat, too much alcohol for me to cum but she didn’t seem to upset.

When I woke I was stunned by her beauty, made my cock twitch to be honest. I dressed quietly and grabbed my wash back from my tent and headed over to the shower block. I had a quick shower and jumped into the steam room. As I laid back and got comfortable the door opened and all I could see was a flash of red. I could just make out these huge breasts bulging out the top of a red Basque, my towel was expertly opened and within seconds my flaccid cock was being stroked and my balls sucked. Within seconds I had a very hard erection.

Hello a sexy voice said I really should introduce myself before I suck you balls dry of all that spunk from last night, as I don’t want to speak with my mouth full. My names Kim, tell me yours if you can speak. Well I couldn’t she had my balls cupped in her hand and the tip of her finger making its way into my arse. My cock was so deep in her throat and I was soon cumming, there was so much she couldn’t swallow quickly enough and hot spunk ran down over my balls, so she used it to finger me deeper.

We sat there for a while before heading off for breakfast, I offered to cook and she agreed as long as she could buy dinner later, so I agreed as long as I could get her drunk.

She agreed, we never made it back to the tent that night, we found a barn full of hay to have fun in……….

Ivy league sex

My name is Priya and I am a sophomore at an Ivy-league university. I am 24 years old and I have been fucking guys for over six years, but this one I have enjoyed the most. I come from an out-going and liberal family from Miami, and from a very young age I have been quite comfortable with nudity and skin show. I like to wear minimal clothes when I am in my dorm and honestly, I have never paid much attention to what I wear. Anyway, coming down to the story!

                It was during the first semester of fall last year when we had a massive dorm party. People were sloshed, making out and doing all kinds of weird stuff. I am not a heavy drinker and normally a drink or two is enough for me. I was wearing a tank top and denim shorts. I love this tank top because it gives a great view of my 36c cleavage and is perfectly designed to make my nipples visible. It was around midnight when I started walking back to my room. Just as I entered my corridor, I saw a group of people in a room completely naked. The door was ajar and I got a glimpse of two guys and four guys playing ‘Donuts’. It is a local game played in our dorm, but I have never seen it. So to my curiosity, I went in and saw these two guys with hard cocks standing against the wall, and the girls preparing the donuts. Normally, it is played between couples and swaps, but here it were two girls and a guy in each team. The objective is to mount as many donuts as possible on a guy’s cock and the winner is the one who eats all the donuts first without using your hands. I noticed a dozen donuts each for both the teams and the girls making holes so that it could fit on the cock.

                When I went in they saw me, but they were too drunk to pay attention to me. However, this one guy looked sober and was extremely shy with what was going on. He looked older and didn’t seem like an undergraduate. When the girls were done with the prepwork, they started mounting the donuts on the cocks. My attention was on this guy and to my surprise, the girls were able to put four big donuts on his cock. I could see his cock head which had already turned red. To make him more conscious, I went across the table and stood near him. I could notice he was staring at my cleavage and the protruding nipples. I removed my top and stared at the naked girls decorating his cock with chocolate syrup, whipped cream and toppings. The girls were in position – either side of his cock waiting to eat his cock. I took his one hand and placed it on my left tit and I could feel his hands trembling. Suddenly, he pressed my tit hard as I notice the girls gulping his cock. One of the girls was too aggressive and I saw her biting his cock. She even took both his balls and gulped them. Within a couple of minutes, they had licked his cock clean. But this girl didn’t stop even after that. He was massaging my breast, while this girl eating his cock like a hungry bitch. His pressing became hard and I could see him close his eyes pressing his body against the wall. Within minutes he shot a huge load of cum on her face. He released my breast and sat on the chair, eyes closed. I could see his cock losing strength.

                I was standing there staring at his body, which was quite fair and strongly built. I suddenly notice that all the people had left except for him, and one of the girls, who was lying naked on the floor. I was so turned on seeing him and I couldn’t resist but playing with my tits. I thought of having some fun. I took hold of the chocolate syrup bottle and started pouring chocolate syrup on his cock. He got up and stood up, wiped his cock and left the room. I stood there topless and disappointed.

As when I was about to leave he came back and said he left his clothes. I wanted him badly. So I locked the door behind him and got naked. He turned around. He was still naked and I went closer to him. My pussy was extremely wet and I wanted a cock badly. I went closer to him and pushed him on the couch. I could have blackmailed him for dropping at an undergraduate dorm and fucking girls – but he was too cute and didn’t resist much. So I went down and started to lick his limp cock. It was after a long time I was eating a cock with foreskin. I took the whole cock in my mouth and made it wet with my saliva. It tasted all chocolaty and sweet. There was a very thin layer of hair on his crotch, but his cock and balls were all smooth. It was a bit dark in color – compared to the ones I’ve previously eaten, but his was much thicker than the most. It grew quickly and it looked impressive – not like the rods you see in porn movies, though. His eyes were closed and I could sense he had started to enjoy.

I kept licking his cock, rolling his foreskin down and then lifting it up with my teeth. I took my tounge and licked his cock rim that made his cock twitched. He moaned and placed his hand at the back of my head. I was loving it!! I wrapped my tounge around his shaft and moved up and down. Then I licked his precum using the tip of my tounge and spit some back on his cock. Then I came up with a wild idea and thought of making the best of the left over donuts. I placed five donuts on his cock and filled it with chocolate and toppings. He looked like a cock pudding. Only his pee hole was visible and I placed a cherry on it. I started eating the bottom half of the donuts leaving the top half on his cock. I licked him from the bottom of his balls to the tip, which was not glistening with more precum. Just when he thought it was over, I took a bit gulp and ate the other donuts. Then there was no stopping me. I kept sucking his cock till he came in my mouth. Some of it did drip on his thighs, but I made sure I licked it all dry.

Now it was his turn. He begged me to stop and said he was extremely tired. I could see his cock now disappearing and losing strength fast. It was past 2am in the morning – but I was hungry for a cock to fill my pussy. This room started to smell of cum, sweat and donuts. So I took hold off his cock and dragged him to my room. I said, “eat me, NOW!!!”. I went at the back of my bed and spread my legs. He started with my toes, sucking the fingers, biting the thumb occasionally. I loved how his hands were touching my inner thighs. He started slow and gradually reached my pussy licking my inner thigh. He was too delicate, which I loved. He first kissed my pussy lips and it was as if he was licking a rose petal. His delicate lips teased my pussy lips, which were already protruding due to all the excitement. He then removed his lips and started to blow cold air. First on either side of the lips, and then going in circles around my clitoris. It really turned me on and I couldn’t control pressing his head into my pussy. He started eating my cunt lips like a puppy. Licking them from the bottom to the top of my clitoris - Nibbling my clitoris in between his teeth. He then pulled me closer and wrapping his lips around my cunt. Then he used his tounge in full speed and went on licking my lips. I wrapped my legs around his head and I could feel his tounge entering my cunt. Within seconds he was tounge fucking me like crazy. He then took his thumb and pressed against my clitoris, while he kept on fucking my pussy with his tounge. Within a minute I came hard. He still held my legs strongly and continued to tounge fuck me. As I relaxed a bit, he pushed in his two fingers and believe me, he turned into a mad dog fucking my pussy. My clitoris was in his mouth and his fingers thrusting deep in my pussy. Within minutes I came again and I was left wriggling on the bed. He licked his fingers clean.

Just when I thought it was over, he turned me around and slapped my ass. I could see a devil in his eyes. He spread my ass cheeks – and what he did next was mind blowing. He licked around my anus and again blew cold air around it. I was on cloud nine and moaning hard. I wanted his cock bad. He then took his cock and massaged his cock head on my anus. I was an anal virgin and I was not ready for an ass fuck. But I guess he was teasing me when I realized his cock then massaging my pussy gate. He started to push in and within seconds I could feel his cock inside my pussy. His thumb was inside my anus and his cock slowly fucking my pussy. Slurp … slurp … slurp!! I could hear the loud wet noise as his cock left my pussy. I knew he had already came twice – so I expected a good long fuck. He inserted his middle finger in my anus and then started to fuck me like a mad dog. Very fast and deeper inside my pussy. His balls were ramming against my crotch and his cock taking me into nirvana.

After few minutes he turned me around with his cock still inside my pussy and lifted me. I wrapped his legs around his waist and he fucked me for a couple of minutes in that position. He was tired and he eventually let me stand. Then he pushed me against the wall and closed my legs. He came in from behind and thrusted his cock into my pussy from behind. It was amazing as my cunt was tight. He brought one hand in front of my pussy and played with my clitoris, while he took his other hand and started to massage my tits. I was moaning and screaming in pleasure as his cock tore through my cunt lips. I came within minutes but he continued to fuck me – then even harder and deeper. After few minutes he pulled out his cock and turned me around. He kissed me and I was already in love with him. He lifted my leg and thrusted his cock back in my cunt. I was extremely tired but he kept on going. For the next few minutes he kept on going and I let him tear my pussy. He indicated me that he was cuming. I wanted to eat his cum and immediately took his cock in my mouth. Within seconds he came. It was not a huge load but I sucked every drop of it.

He dropped back on my bed and before I knew he was already asleep. It was almost 4am. I took a bath and slept besides him. We woke up at noon – took a bath together, in which I gave him a boob job and he made me cum twice.

It has been almost seven months now and we’ve been each other fuck toys. More to come!!

Orgasms Are Best When High

I’ve always been terrified to try new things.  The first time I got high was with my current boyfriend of three years.  We were hiding away in his room for the night, when he presented me with a weed brownie.  Since it was my first time trying it, I asked him to just break it in half, and we could share it.  It took me a few minutes to actually eat the thing, and after that it took me a little while to feel anything at all.

We lounged around for what seemed like an hour, watching tv.  After a little while, I caught him staring at me, so I rolled over and looked back, giving him the best “fuck me” eyes I could manage.  He took the hint, and kissed me lazily, but then allowed the kiss to grow more intense.  I positioned myself on top of him and took off my tank top, revealing my DD’s in the best bra I own, and moved his hands to them.  He pulled me towards him, burying his face in my breasts and nibbling as he unhooked my bra.  It fell off, and I proceeded to pull his shirt off.  I then moved down over his legs and unbuttoned his pants, which was a tad more difficult than it usually is, considering the fact that I was pretty high.  

I pulled his boxers down, pressed my tongue against the base of his cock and then ran it up the length of it, swirling and making patterns as he sighed and grabbed my hair.  I sucked on the tip before I pulled it into my mouth, and felt him getting harder and harder as I did.  I took it all the way down my throat until I gagged, and then sucked slowly again while I looked up at him and watched his facial reactions with every movement I made with my tongue.  

He pulled my hair up towards him, which is our signal that we want to be eye-level.  I moved myself back up to face him and before I could kiss him, he had me on my back beneath him.  He kissed and bit my neck while he pinched my nipples between his thumb and forefinger, and then moved down to suck on each one in turn.  He kissed my stomach and pulled my jeans and panties off in one swift movement, without even unbuttoning them.  He squeezed my ass and positioned his mouth against my clit, swirling his tongue and sucking on it in a pattern that drove me crazy.  I grabbed his hair and he shoved his tongue inside my pussy, and then looked up at me to say, “I’m sorry, I can’t wait any longer. I have to fuck you now.” 

I laughed and nodded, pulling his face up to mine to kiss him and taste my pussy on his lips. He danced his tongue into my mouth and massaged my tongue the way he had my clit, and teased my opening with the tip of his cock.  I wrapped my legs around his hips and pushed him all the way into me, and he groaned as he felt my warmth around his dick.  I unwrapped my legs as he pressed me into the bed and held my arms down so I couldn’t move.  He fucked me hard and made me beg for a free hand to massage my clit as he brought me closer and closer to my release.  I felt his throbbing dick pulse inside of my tight pussy as he whispered to me that he was going to cum.  I allowed myself to cum with him as I gave him my hottest “this feels amazing” moan, and locked eyes with him as we both fell into the amazing release that our high was allowing us.  

Phone Call

   This was about 6 months ago during winter and I was home alone in my new condo. I had recently been talking to this guy for about 3 months and I truly liked him. Over the course of a week things began to get more heated and I liked it, all in all he knew what he was doing. I was siting on my davenport while it was snowing outside and my phone started to buzz. I picked it up to notice it was him Xander. I said hello and he asked me if I was busy, I began to tell him I was in my jammies watching the snow fall out my window in a snuggy. He groaned and said he would do anything to be there with me. The sound of his groan dampened my core and my breathe became ragged. He noticed and told me to stop or he is going to have to come over. Myself, being shy got a moment of courage and said “why don’t you”. The phone call ended and I waited 5 minutes and I see him pull up in his truck. While he was getting out his eyes never left mine as I was standing in my large front window. My golden hair sweeping across my back and my snuggy falling from my grasps. He makes it to my door and I jog to open it throwing my snuggy on my chair. As I open the door the chilled air makes my nipples go hard through my silk PJ’s. He notices and groans grabbing for me, shutting the door and capturing his lips to mine. He hoists my legs around his torso pushing my back against the door. As he sensually makes out with me his hands fine my now dampened center.. rubbing my clit through my silk shorts I moan in his mouth. We stop catching our breathes and he slowly lets me down. Just staring at me he tells me I am so beautiful and guides me to my lit fire place. 

   He ever so slowly pushes me down in front of my fireplace taking of his shirt in the mean time. His body so perfect in ever way lays  down on top of me. His hands roam my body as I pant out his name, slowly taking of ever fabric on me whispering and kissing sweet nothing all over. He starts to kiss up my inner thigh, skipping my sensitive place, up my tummy to my lips. He pulls away and I look into his brown eye’s I must not have notice him taking off his pants because I feel his manhood at the entrance of my core. He pushes my legs farther apart and pushes into me, still looking at me he groans… Something came over me, a different side. I moan and tell him to go faster.. he grabs my hair and starts to move faster as he hovers over me.. moaning his name I run my fingers along his back from pleasure.. His grunting turning me on more I scream his name as I get closer and closer to my climax.”More” I scream as I arch my back from the intense warm pleasure I receiving. Pressure and tingles circulate in my abdomen as he pumps in and out of me. Tangling me hands in his soft brown curls I scream the beginning of my climax to him. His grunts of “fuck” and “yes baby cum for me”  send me over the peek and I moan his name. So after his speed never stops and soon I feel him squeeze my right breasts and his pants get shallow and with one last grunt he cums inside me. We lay there for a second before he looks up at me and kisses me so softly and tells me he loves me. He gracefully slides next to me and snuggles behind me. We face the fireplace and fall asleep under its flickering gaze while the snow continues to fall outside. 

Just to let everyone know, my sex blog name is now being changed…


It’s a year later, my birthday has happened again, so I am now becoming:

My New Neighbour

So a few months ago a new couple just move next to my house. they previously live in the US but then decided to move here. they’re in the end of 20’s and early 30’s. i was sleeping in my room until my mom called me. then i saw the new neighbour sitting on my couch drinking some tea. “hi my name is Katy and this is my husband Jack” my eyes were suddenly wide open and i was feeling that my dick was getting hard.

she’s not taller than me but she has a very big boobs and a very nice pair of ass. they just finished working out that day so they wore sportswear. it made her hotter. i think she’s 36 B or something. we talked until dinner and they went home. my mom was thinking i could go to their house to chat or hangout with them because theyre not that old.

so a few days later i visited them. i was knocking for a few minutes and then Katy opened the door. she was wearing a very short skirt and a tank top and with her beatiful smile she said “hello” and let me in. Jack was still at his office at the time. she was eating ice cream while watching movie. i sat down and watch it with her. there was a scene where the men and women making out.

I was getting horny at the time but so did Katy. she started to slides gently towards me. then she started to rub my dick. without asking i did the same to her. she started to moan “yeahh, lets do it boy”. she unzipped her skirt and put my hand in her vagina. “rub me baby” she unzipped my pants and take my underwear off. she moaned “ahhh, ahhh, yeahh baby rub me hard” while shaking my penis.

she took off her clothes and leave herself naked. i also took my shirt off. she gave me a nice BJ. we moved to the bed in the guest room. she push me to the bed and hold my dick. she slowly put it in her asshole and moaned “ahh,ahhh,yeah , fuck me hard” i started slowly. and then a few minutes later i fuck her harder “yeaah baby yeaaah, ooh im a bad girl spank me hard baby” i spank her immediately and she screamed “yeaaaah , ohhhh yeaah” she told me to stop and she turned her body and gave me her vagina. i put my dick in myself and she started to moaned ” yeah, oh,yeah baby yeah” a few minutes later she said “fuck me hard baby fuck me hard” then without hesitating i fuck her harder “fuck yeah baby fuck me harder baby harder” and i fuck her even harder and she screamed in pleasure ” ohh yeah baby oh yeaaah” and shortly after that i pull my dick out and Katy gave me another blowjob.

"mmmm, ah, mmm" and then she told me "cum on me baby come on baby" and then i masturbate myself. Katy’s tongue was out and then i cum on her. "yeah baby mmm" while licking my sperm all over her face. we took shower together while making out a little bit more. i suited up, kissed her and went home with a big smile on my face. after dinner i saw Jack’s car arrived in front of his house. i ran to my room. his room is next to mine so im expecting Katy’s voice while having sex. and turned out they are having sex. so i locked my door and masturbate while hearing that beautiful voice

My wife and the stranger at the Cinema.

My name is Martin Reed. I’m a GP in North London and have been married to my wife Elizabeth, Lizzie as she’s known by all, for 8 years. We met when I was working at a hospital in Manchester and she was completing her nursing qualification. I can confirm that Doctors and Nurses do, indeed, like to play Doctors and Nurses.

Lizzie is just over 6 feet tall with a good figure. She’s very comfortable in her own skin and confident, striding upright and towering over the majority of men and women in her life. I’m an exception as I’m 6ft 3 myself – it was an absolute condition for Lizzie to marry someone taller than her, which immediately gave me more of a chance than I normally would have with her, she occasionally jokingly reminds me.

We’re a very active couple and keep ourselves fit with cycling, running and rowing. Lizzie also rides horses but I tend to avoid that whole part of her life as it bores me to tears.

We have a very strong sexual attraction to each other which hasn’t waned over the years and we are still experimenting with sex and ways to stimulate, titillate and excite each other. Literally the only thing we have never done is anal penetration. I often push fingers or my thumb into Lizzie’s arse as I go down on her and she enjoys it, but she has always been too worried and nervous of the unknown to allow me to try putting my cock there. Bizarrely, it was never even something which crossed my mind, until I realised she wasn’t going to allow it without some serious persuasion, after which it became something I really wanted to do and occasionally felt petulant that Lizzie was denying me access to that one thing. Most of the time I can forget about it and we always had such great sex that I began to care less and less about trying it to the point where I rarely raised it any more.

We tell each other our fantasies and fortunately for me we both share a favourite  - me watching Lizzie with another man, and, crucially for both of us, telling them both what to do.

We often build a story around this scenario when we’re having sex. I’ll typically start it off, Lizzie with her mouth wrapped around my cock will listen intently, moaning and moving more frantically as she gets more excited. Before I come, we’ll swap and as I go down on her she will take up the story - getting more and more detailed and always filthier and more degraded as I push my tongue inside her.

Lizzie will always come in my mouth several times, pausing the story she’s telling as she gasps for air and holds my head, pulling me into her cunt as hard as she can, before relaxing, catching her breath and picking up where she left off. Nearly always we will finish the story together while I’m inside her, our faces close, egging each other on with more and more detail about the imaginary man fucking her while I grant or deny permission for him to do certain things to her. This will go on until I can’t contain myself and unload stream after stream of cum into Lizzie’s cunt as she hold me close and encourages me, whispering in my ear that she wants me to do it, right now.

Despite toying with the idea outside of our fantasy scenario, we’d never taken things any further than investigating a local swingers club, which we chickened out of attending in the end, although the fact that we both got to the point of dressing up and getting in the car to go made us both uncontrollably horny and I pulled Lizzie’s dress up to her waist, yanked her knickers down and fucked her over the bonnet of the car while we told each other what we would have done had we gone through with it.

This story took place in autumn of last year, and is still the subject of every single sex scenario Lizzie and I have told each other since. We both remember many details, from our own perspectives, so I have put this recollection together after sitting with Lizzie and carefully going through everything that happened that evening, pausing only to bring each other off when the whole thing gets too intense.

Lizzie and I are occasional cinema goers, although our movie tastes differ so we will often go together but watch different movies separately, meeting up afterwards for dinner.

So it was on this particular evening – we arrived at the complex and went our separate ways. About 20 minutes into my movie I realised I’d made a mistake – the film was absolutely awful and I knew I should have gone with Lizzie, despite my reservations at the film she’d chosen. Anything would have been better that what I was watching. I left and wandered back to the foyer to wait for Lizzie, but realising it was likely to be well over an hour’s wait I asked the usher at the screening room for Lizzie’s film if I could join my wife, explaining that I’d left the other movie and didn’t really want to stand around for an hour waiting for her. He chuckled and agreed that the movie I’d bought a ticket for was, indeed, appalling, and kindly stepped aside so that I could quietly open the door and go inside.

One advantage of unusual height is that you’re easy to find in a crowded room, and so it was that after only a few seconds of scanning the rows of seats in the semi-darkness, I spotted Lizzie in the middle, halfway to the back, as she nearly always elected to be.

The seats to her right was taken so I nudged as politely as possible past the few on her left and slumped into the seat to her left. (I’m always hyper-aware of blocking people’s view in cinemas and theatres so if I can’t sit right at the back I adopt a sort of slumped position – uncomfortable but unobtrusive). Lizzie, however, has no such qualms and sits bolt upright, believing that if people can’t see they should move to better seats, something which she herself will do without complaint.

Lizzie started a little as I appeared, then looked at me with an odd expression, staring slightly too long at me as if to try and bring my attention to something. I leaned close to her ear and whispered, “film was shit – come to watch yours”. I turned my ear to her lips and she whispered something which both stunned me and made my cock twitch immediately, “the guy on the right has his hand on my thigh”.

Lizzie looked at me with a mixture of relief to see me and a kind of puzzled questioning, expectant look which indicated that she wanted me to do something.

I slowly turned my head to the right and looked behind Lizzie so that I could see down the row to her right.

Sitting next to her was a young man, I would guess no older than 19 or 20, good looking, obviously a little in love with himself judging by the carefully styled hair and relaxed, confident way with which he stared straight ahead at the screen while all the while gently stroking my wife’s thigh with his left hand.

To his right, to my initial surprise, was a very pretty young woman with short blonde hair, resting her head on his shoulder, obviously his girlfriend. I gasped quietly at the audacity of this guy. If he knew I was looking at him he gave no indication whatsoever of it.

I slowly leaned forward, looking past Lizzie, who was now staring fixedly ahead at the screen. I could feel she was tense as I lowered my gaze and saw that the guy did, indeed, have his left hand on Lizzie’s right thigh and was slowly stroking it through her skirt, paying particular attention, I realised, to where he could obviously feel the ridge of the top of Lizzie’s hold-up lace topped stocking.

My cock twitched and started to grow quickly in my jeans, to the point that within seconds I had to push it to one side to stop it being uncomfortable. Lizzie noticed me do this and glanced quickly at me and away again, her expression changing into something else – excitement.

Incredibly, I could see that the girlfriend had her left hand on his right thigh, and was casually stroking up and down as she concentrated on the film.

As I watched, perhaps because I was watching, his hand started to move slowly further up Lizzie’s thigh toward her crotch. Lizzie stiffened and her head snapped toward me, wanting me to decide what to do.

No part of me wanted to leave that cinema, no part of me at all.

I leaned close to my wife’s ear. “Let him”. I whispered.

Those two words had a visible effect on Lizzie. She looked intently at me, I looked earnestly back into her eyes, and she gave a very soft excited sigh as she looked back at the screen.

I started to stroke Lizzie’s other thigh with my right hand, being bolder (after all, she was my wife), and moving straight to the top of her leg.

Lizzie was now squirming almost imperceptibly in her seat as the stranger and I stroked her legs.

As Lizzie stared fixedly ahead I slowly, very slowly, moved my hand down to take the hem of her skirt, and inch by inch, little by little, began pulling it up until the bare flesh of her thighs above her stockings, and the white fabric of her knickers was visible out of the corner of my eye.

Whether the guy thought she was doing it or I was, he clearly understood the implication and moved his hand onto my wife’s inner thigh, stroking slowly up to her crotch, lingering a second with his hand over her cunt, then slowly down her thigh again.

This went on for several minutes, and Lizzie’s breathing became shallow – I could also make out her nipples pushing against the sheer fabric of her blouse and her almost subconscious movements in her seat increased in pace and scale.

By now my cock was fully erect and straining at my jeans, and I moved it again to relieve the pressure.

With her left hand Lizzie grabbed for my crotch and started to try and undo the buttons of my fly – this was incredible, she wanted my cock out here and now.

Lizzie was struggling with the tight buttons and her awkward position, so, looking quickly around me I took my hand off her thigh and unbuttoned my jeans for her, pulling my now throbbing cock out. Lizzie grabbed for it and immediately started stroking me with a frantic urgency I’d rarely known her display – she was really, really turned on. As, of course, was I.

As she stroked my cock, Lizzie gave a muted gasp of pleasure. I slowly moved my hand back to her thigh and, deciding to up the ante, with gentle pressure, opened her legs. Lizzie did not resist and her thigh was soon pushing my right leg toward me as she struggled to open her legs as wide as she could while sitting in the cinema chair.

Now excited beyond all reason, with my heart pounding in my chest, I slowly pushed my hand under Lizzie’s arse – she raised herself slightly off of her seat to accommodate me, moaning a little as she did so and moving her hips rhythmically. I slid my hand under her and, stretching my fingers, pushed into her dripping wet cunt.

I nearly came immediately as I felt that mine wasn’t the only finger inside her.

Working quickly in and out of Lizzie’s cunt were two of the strangers fingers.

When he felt me touch him inside my wife he stopped moving immediately, unsure for the first time of how I would react – this was very different to a little thigh stroking and I felt him freeze as he waited to see what being caught inside my wife was going to mean for him.

He found out when I took my finger out of Lizzie and waited, hopefully signalling that he should carry on.

After a few seconds, Lizzie started pushing her hips towards his motionless hand, and he got the message and pushed his two fingers back inside her.

I used my finger to push his in further and we both began to use them to urgently fuck her.

I was sure the noise of Lizzie coming was audible to those around us, but no-one seemed to notice, being too engrossed in the film that the three of us were staring at but had long forgotten.

It happened quickly, she started to move in her seat faster and faster, forgetting about stroking my cock she now simply gripped it tightly, as if wanting something to hold onto.

I could hear Lizzie’s breath catch in her throat as she raised herself at least an inch off of her chair, strained her legs against the floor, and came.

Lizzie came hard over mine and the stranger’s fingers. We kept our hands still as we felt her cunt contract, again and again. My wife doesn’t squirt when she comes, but I could feel her cum literally running out of her to soak our hands and her own knickers and skirt.

Gradually she relaxed. Her breathing returning to normal as she slowly calmed down in the glow of her orgasm.

I felt the stranger withdraw his fingers and again, nearly came as I distinctly heard him put them into his mouth and suck them clean.

Lizzie pushed her legs together, but left her skirt hiked up as I began stroking my cock, which she had now relinquished, being satisfied and in that place where she temporarily wasn’t ready for more.

I jacked off quickly, my hand a blur as it moved up and down my shaft. Not wanting to be caught but also desperately wanting to be caught and above all, needing to come.

Within seconds I felt my balls start to tighten and spasm and I shifted a little toward Lizzie in my chair. Pulling her skirt all the way over her knickers again I, as quietly as I could, sent stream after stream of cum into her lap, over her thighs and knickers, before eventually it stopped, my head stared to clear and I drew her skirt back down over the combined mess of our orgasms.

Before the film finished, as we sat there in a contented, half disbelieving daze, the stranger and his girlfriend stood and left. He’d whispered something to her urgently and as he stood it was obvious what he wanted – his erection pushing hard against the fabric of his trousers.

Lizzie and I sat in the darkened cinema holding sticky hands until the film finished, then started again, before we eventually came to our senses and walked stiffly to the car and home.

We fucked for hours that night, reliving every little detail of our encounter, over and over, the story growing in the telling each time in line with our passion for each other.

We have never been back to that cinema, but one thing on which we are both agreed – this is the start.




Anonymous said: What happens to a guy when he looses his virginitty? Does it hurt him?


It shouldn’t no, but every guy is different and it may for some, but it is unheard of. If anything it should feel too good.

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