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This page is entirely dedicated to the deviosuly amazing
sexual stories of mine, my followers, anonymous people
and anyone else. It will include everything from hand job
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please tell me if you want your name to be viewed or not,
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My New Neighbour

So a few months ago a new couple just move next to my house. they previously live in the US but then decided to move here. they’re in the end of 20’s and early 30’s. i was sleeping in my room until my mom called me. then i saw the new neighbour sitting on my couch drinking some tea. “hi my name is Katy and this is my husband Jack” my eyes were suddenly wide open and i was feeling that my dick was getting hard.

she’s not taller than me but she has a very big boobs and a very nice pair of ass. they just finished working out that day so they wore sportswear. it made her hotter. i think she’s 36 B or something. we talked until dinner and they went home. my mom was thinking i could go to their house to chat or hangout with them because theyre not that old.

so a few days later i visited them. i was knocking for a few minutes and then Katy opened the door. she was wearing a very short skirt and a tank top and with her beatiful smile she said “hello” and let me in. Jack was still at his office at the time. she was eating ice cream while watching movie. i sat down and watch it with her. there was a scene where the men and women making out.

I was getting horny at the time but so did Katy. she started to slides gently towards me. then she started to rub my dick. without asking i did the same to her. she started to moan “yeahh, lets do it boy”. she unzipped her skirt and put my hand in her vagina. “rub me baby” she unzipped my pants and take my underwear off. she moaned “ahhh, ahhh, yeahh baby rub me hard” while shaking my penis.

she took off her clothes and leave herself naked. i also took my shirt off. she gave me a nice BJ. we moved to the bed in the guest room. she push me to the bed and hold my dick. she slowly put it in her asshole and moaned “ahh,ahhh,yeah , fuck me hard” i started slowly. and then a few minutes later i fuck her harder “yeaah baby yeaaah, ooh im a bad girl spank me hard baby” i spank her immediately and she screamed “yeaaaah , ohhhh yeaah” she told me to stop and she turned her body and gave me her vagina. i put my dick in myself and she started to moaned ” yeah, oh,yeah baby yeah” a few minutes later she said “fuck me hard baby fuck me hard” then without hesitating i fuck her harder “fuck yeah baby fuck me harder baby harder” and i fuck her even harder and she screamed in pleasure ” ohh yeah baby oh yeaaah” and shortly after that i pull my dick out and Katy gave me another blowjob.

"mmmm, ah, mmm" and then she told me "cum on me baby come on baby" and then i masturbate myself. Katy’s tongue was out and then i cum on her. "yeah baby mmm" while licking my sperm all over her face. we took shower together while making out a little bit more. i suited up, kissed her and went home with a big smile on my face. after dinner i saw Jack’s car arrived in front of his house. i ran to my room. his room is next to mine so im expecting Katy’s voice while having sex. and turned out they are having sex. so i locked my door and masturbate while hearing that beautiful voice

My wife and the stranger at the Cinema.

My name is Martin Reed. I’m a GP in North London and have been married to my wife Elizabeth, Lizzie as she’s known by all, for 8 years. We met when I was working at a hospital in Manchester and she was completing her nursing qualification. I can confirm that Doctors and Nurses do, indeed, like to play Doctors and Nurses.

Lizzie is just over 6 feet tall with a good figure. She’s very comfortable in her own skin and confident, striding upright and towering over the majority of men and women in her life. I’m an exception as I’m 6ft 3 myself – it was an absolute condition for Lizzie to marry someone taller than her, which immediately gave me more of a chance than I normally would have with her, she occasionally jokingly reminds me.

We’re a very active couple and keep ourselves fit with cycling, running and rowing. Lizzie also rides horses but I tend to avoid that whole part of her life as it bores me to tears.

We have a very strong sexual attraction to each other which hasn’t waned over the years and we are still experimenting with sex and ways to stimulate, titillate and excite each other. Literally the only thing we have never done is anal penetration. I often push fingers or my thumb into Lizzie’s arse as I go down on her and she enjoys it, but she has always been too worried and nervous of the unknown to allow me to try putting my cock there. Bizarrely, it was never even something which crossed my mind, until I realised she wasn’t going to allow it without some serious persuasion, after which it became something I really wanted to do and occasionally felt petulant that Lizzie was denying me access to that one thing. Most of the time I can forget about it and we always had such great sex that I began to care less and less about trying it to the point where I rarely raised it any more.

We tell each other our fantasies and fortunately for me we both share a favourite  - me watching Lizzie with another man, and, crucially for both of us, telling them both what to do.

We often build a story around this scenario when we’re having sex. I’ll typically start it off, Lizzie with her mouth wrapped around my cock will listen intently, moaning and moving more frantically as she gets more excited. Before I come, we’ll swap and as I go down on her she will take up the story - getting more and more detailed and always filthier and more degraded as I push my tongue inside her.

Lizzie will always come in my mouth several times, pausing the story she’s telling as she gasps for air and holds my head, pulling me into her cunt as hard as she can, before relaxing, catching her breath and picking up where she left off. Nearly always we will finish the story together while I’m inside her, our faces close, egging each other on with more and more detail about the imaginary man fucking her while I grant or deny permission for him to do certain things to her. This will go on until I can’t contain myself and unload stream after stream of cum into Lizzie’s cunt as she hold me close and encourages me, whispering in my ear that she wants me to do it, right now.

Despite toying with the idea outside of our fantasy scenario, we’d never taken things any further than investigating a local swingers club, which we chickened out of attending in the end, although the fact that we both got to the point of dressing up and getting in the car to go made us both uncontrollably horny and I pulled Lizzie’s dress up to her waist, yanked her knickers down and fucked her over the bonnet of the car while we told each other what we would have done had we gone through with it.

This story took place in autumn of last year, and is still the subject of every single sex scenario Lizzie and I have told each other since. We both remember many details, from our own perspectives, so I have put this recollection together after sitting with Lizzie and carefully going through everything that happened that evening, pausing only to bring each other off when the whole thing gets too intense.

Lizzie and I are occasional cinema goers, although our movie tastes differ so we will often go together but watch different movies separately, meeting up afterwards for dinner.

So it was on this particular evening – we arrived at the complex and went our separate ways. About 20 minutes into my movie I realised I’d made a mistake – the film was absolutely awful and I knew I should have gone with Lizzie, despite my reservations at the film she’d chosen. Anything would have been better that what I was watching. I left and wandered back to the foyer to wait for Lizzie, but realising it was likely to be well over an hour’s wait I asked the usher at the screening room for Lizzie’s film if I could join my wife, explaining that I’d left the other movie and didn’t really want to stand around for an hour waiting for her. He chuckled and agreed that the movie I’d bought a ticket for was, indeed, appalling, and kindly stepped aside so that I could quietly open the door and go inside.

One advantage of unusual height is that you’re easy to find in a crowded room, and so it was that after only a few seconds of scanning the rows of seats in the semi-darkness, I spotted Lizzie in the middle, halfway to the back, as she nearly always elected to be.

The seats to her right was taken so I nudged as politely as possible past the few on her left and slumped into the seat to her left. (I’m always hyper-aware of blocking people’s view in cinemas and theatres so if I can’t sit right at the back I adopt a sort of slumped position – uncomfortable but unobtrusive). Lizzie, however, has no such qualms and sits bolt upright, believing that if people can’t see they should move to better seats, something which she herself will do without complaint.

Lizzie started a little as I appeared, then looked at me with an odd expression, staring slightly too long at me as if to try and bring my attention to something. I leaned close to her ear and whispered, “film was shit – come to watch yours”. I turned my ear to her lips and she whispered something which both stunned me and made my cock twitch immediately, “the guy on the right has his hand on my thigh”.

Lizzie looked at me with a mixture of relief to see me and a kind of puzzled questioning, expectant look which indicated that she wanted me to do something.

I slowly turned my head to the right and looked behind Lizzie so that I could see down the row to her right.

Sitting next to her was a young man, I would guess no older than 19 or 20, good looking, obviously a little in love with himself judging by the carefully styled hair and relaxed, confident way with which he stared straight ahead at the screen while all the while gently stroking my wife’s thigh with his left hand.

To his right, to my initial surprise, was a very pretty young woman with short blonde hair, resting her head on his shoulder, obviously his girlfriend. I gasped quietly at the audacity of this guy. If he knew I was looking at him he gave no indication whatsoever of it.

I slowly leaned forward, looking past Lizzie, who was now staring fixedly ahead at the screen. I could feel she was tense as I lowered my gaze and saw that the guy did, indeed, have his left hand on Lizzie’s right thigh and was slowly stroking it through her skirt, paying particular attention, I realised, to where he could obviously feel the ridge of the top of Lizzie’s hold-up lace topped stocking.

My cock twitched and started to grow quickly in my jeans, to the point that within seconds I had to push it to one side to stop it being uncomfortable. Lizzie noticed me do this and glanced quickly at me and away again, her expression changing into something else – excitement.

Incredibly, I could see that the girlfriend had her left hand on his right thigh, and was casually stroking up and down as she concentrated on the film.

As I watched, perhaps because I was watching, his hand started to move slowly further up Lizzie’s thigh toward her crotch. Lizzie stiffened and her head snapped toward me, wanting me to decide what to do.

No part of me wanted to leave that cinema, no part of me at all.

I leaned close to my wife’s ear. “Let him”. I whispered.

Those two words had a visible effect on Lizzie. She looked intently at me, I looked earnestly back into her eyes, and she gave a very soft excited sigh as she looked back at the screen.

I started to stroke Lizzie’s other thigh with my right hand, being bolder (after all, she was my wife), and moving straight to the top of her leg.

Lizzie was now squirming almost imperceptibly in her seat as the stranger and I stroked her legs.

As Lizzie stared fixedly ahead I slowly, very slowly, moved my hand down to take the hem of her skirt, and inch by inch, little by little, began pulling it up until the bare flesh of her thighs above her stockings, and the white fabric of her knickers was visible out of the corner of my eye.

Whether the guy thought she was doing it or I was, he clearly understood the implication and moved his hand onto my wife’s inner thigh, stroking slowly up to her crotch, lingering a second with his hand over her cunt, then slowly down her thigh again.

This went on for several minutes, and Lizzie’s breathing became shallow – I could also make out her nipples pushing against the sheer fabric of her blouse and her almost subconscious movements in her seat increased in pace and scale.

By now my cock was fully erect and straining at my jeans, and I moved it again to relieve the pressure.

With her left hand Lizzie grabbed for my crotch and started to try and undo the buttons of my fly – this was incredible, she wanted my cock out here and now.

Lizzie was struggling with the tight buttons and her awkward position, so, looking quickly around me I took my hand off her thigh and unbuttoned my jeans for her, pulling my now throbbing cock out. Lizzie grabbed for it and immediately started stroking me with a frantic urgency I’d rarely known her display – she was really, really turned on. As, of course, was I.

As she stroked my cock, Lizzie gave a muted gasp of pleasure. I slowly moved my hand back to her thigh and, deciding to up the ante, with gentle pressure, opened her legs. Lizzie did not resist and her thigh was soon pushing my right leg toward me as she struggled to open her legs as wide as she could while sitting in the cinema chair.

Now excited beyond all reason, with my heart pounding in my chest, I slowly pushed my hand under Lizzie’s arse – she raised herself slightly off of her seat to accommodate me, moaning a little as she did so and moving her hips rhythmically. I slid my hand under her and, stretching my fingers, pushed into her dripping wet cunt.

I nearly came immediately as I felt that mine wasn’t the only finger inside her.

Working quickly in and out of Lizzie’s cunt were two of the strangers fingers.

When he felt me touch him inside my wife he stopped moving immediately, unsure for the first time of how I would react – this was very different to a little thigh stroking and I felt him freeze as he waited to see what being caught inside my wife was going to mean for him.

He found out when I took my finger out of Lizzie and waited, hopefully signalling that he should carry on.

After a few seconds, Lizzie started pushing her hips towards his motionless hand, and he got the message and pushed his two fingers back inside her.

I used my finger to push his in further and we both began to use them to urgently fuck her.

I was sure the noise of Lizzie coming was audible to those around us, but no-one seemed to notice, being too engrossed in the film that the three of us were staring at but had long forgotten.

It happened quickly, she started to move in her seat faster and faster, forgetting about stroking my cock she now simply gripped it tightly, as if wanting something to hold onto.

I could hear Lizzie’s breath catch in her throat as she raised herself at least an inch off of her chair, strained her legs against the floor, and came.

Lizzie came hard over mine and the stranger’s fingers. We kept our hands still as we felt her cunt contract, again and again. My wife doesn’t squirt when she comes, but I could feel her cum literally running out of her to soak our hands and her own knickers and skirt.

Gradually she relaxed. Her breathing returning to normal as she slowly calmed down in the glow of her orgasm.

I felt the stranger withdraw his fingers and again, nearly came as I distinctly heard him put them into his mouth and suck them clean.

Lizzie pushed her legs together, but left her skirt hiked up as I began stroking my cock, which she had now relinquished, being satisfied and in that place where she temporarily wasn’t ready for more.

I jacked off quickly, my hand a blur as it moved up and down my shaft. Not wanting to be caught but also desperately wanting to be caught and above all, needing to come.

Within seconds I felt my balls start to tighten and spasm and I shifted a little toward Lizzie in my chair. Pulling her skirt all the way over her knickers again I, as quietly as I could, sent stream after stream of cum into her lap, over her thighs and knickers, before eventually it stopped, my head stared to clear and I drew her skirt back down over the combined mess of our orgasms.

Before the film finished, as we sat there in a contented, half disbelieving daze, the stranger and his girlfriend stood and left. He’d whispered something to her urgently and as he stood it was obvious what he wanted – his erection pushing hard against the fabric of his trousers.

Lizzie and I sat in the darkened cinema holding sticky hands until the film finished, then started again, before we eventually came to our senses and walked stiffly to the car and home.

We fucked for hours that night, reliving every little detail of our encounter, over and over, the story growing in the telling each time in line with our passion for each other.

We have never been back to that cinema, but one thing on which we are both agreed – this is the start.




Anonymous said: What happens to a guy when he looses his virginitty? Does it hurt him?


It shouldn’t no, but every guy is different and it may for some, but it is unheard of. If anything it should feel too good.

We had been bickering a lot and things between us were getting dull. We had barley touched each other in weeks and he didn’t even seem to want me at all… or so I thought.

He picked me up around 6 and we went out to dinner at my favorite restaurant. We had our small talk and what seemed to be a routine now. He payed the bill and we headed to the car. Before getting in he grabbed me and kissed me harder than I expected. He leaned back and said “I love you” in his soft sexy voice that I adore. I was confused, but told him I loved him and got in the car. His hand rested in the usual place on my thigh, but after a few minutes he started sliding it up ever so slowly. I shifted in my seat and right as I did he began rubbing me between my legs. He was slow and easy at first and it made me wet with desire. I started kissing his neck and nipping at his ear. His moans heightened my desire and I knew I wanted him now. I whispered in his ear and asked where we were going. He didn’t say anything, but he slid his hand into my pants and started fingering me ever so slowly. He taunted me as knew what I wanted. We pulled up in front of my house and was still fingering me slowly. I leaned over and hungrily kissed him while sliding my pants down. He twisted his arm and began viciously pounding my pussy. I grabbed his shoulders for support and he pulled me over onto his lap, still inside me and pushing deeper. I bit his neck and clawed at his back, but he didn’t seem to notice. The night was filled with my pleasured moans and muffled screams. I couldn’t take it anymore, I unbuttoned his pants and pulled his dick out. He was already hard, but I still stroked him several times. Apparently he couldn’t take it any longer either because he pulled me down to where I could feel his dick against my clit. We just sat there for a moment heavily breathing and starting into each others eyes. I slowly slid down onto him and was finally relieved. I began rocking and and sliding up and down his dick. His breathed the word fuck into my ear as I could tell he was getting close. I rocked faster and sent him over the edge. I leaned back and he softly kissed me. I put my clothes back on and went inside. Maybe he does kinda like me ;)

Anonymous submission

I was at a party with my boyfriend and half way through a boy and a girl walked in. She was a beautiful, slender red head and she seemed kinda wild. I talked to her for a while with a little group that had formed outside.I wasn’t sure why but I just felt the urge to be around her, she was really sexy. In the sitting room later on, I sat on the arm of her chair and played with her hair. She seemed to like it and didnt mind me touching her. Towards the end of the party we were the only girls left, with about ten boys.A few of us ended up in the kitchen. I was braver than usual from drinking and asked her did she want to have a lesbian experience with me and she grinned. She was sitting in the counter and I stood between her legs. She crossed them around me as it got more intense There was only a few boys in the kitchen and they watched us silently. My boyfriend came in then and I told him what happened. I could tell he was excited. There was a bit of a tense atmosphere for a few minutes and I finally went back over to her. Minutes later we were kissing again. Before long I had my hand up her top. She was still above me on the counter and had her arms around my neck. I took her hands and forced them into my bra. Before long he rest of the boys that were left stood in the kitchen too. They all just watched us quietly It felt really nice. After we stopped my boyfriend pulled me over to him. I cold see he was very turned on and proud, I got extra off him later;)

(More romantic. First time writing a story)

“Do you like ice cream?”

“Of course I like ice cream. Who doesn’t like ice cream?”

“But it’s the middle of November.”

“That’s never stopped me before.”

“Alright I’ll pick you up at seven.”

Just like that, it was set. I had a date. But it wasn’t really a date; it was a semi-date. How do I explain this? Well you see, there’s this guy and I really liked him and he really liked me, but it wasn’t a date, we were just friends. How could we be anything more with me living in Georgia and him living all the way in Alabama?

So anyways, it’s a nippy Saturday night and I had just arrived at my aunt’s house down in Alabama.

“Oh hi it’s been forever.”

“Wow look how bog you’ve gotten.”

“How’s school going?”

“What college do you want to attend?”

Oh the joys of family. I was already scheming up my escape plan in my head. The fact that my mom was willing to assist me on my journey kind of helped too, you know.

“Oh yeah me and Alz are just going to the mall for a couple of hours.”

Works like a charm.

We arrive at the mall and my darling mother becomes distracted by the first department store to catch her eye.

“Oh yeah mom that’s great, my friend’s here”

“Have fun sweetie!”

Oh I will. I walk to the mall entrance and in walks my “friend”. He’s dressed in his usual getup: a button down shirt, khaki pants, loafers, and those dreamy blue eyes.

“Hey, ready to go?”

“Never been readier.”

We walk out to his car and like the gentleman he is; Cole opens the car door for me. We drive over to the deserted ice cream shop and order our poison of choice.

“One scoop of vanilla, please.”

“One scoop of chocolate, please.”

You could say we’re creative people.

“Your total comes out to $5.25.”

“Here I got it”

“No Cole, it’s fine, I can pay.”

“No, it’s my treat Alz.”

How could I argue with those dazzling blue eyes looking at me? We run back to Cole’s car, holding our freezing ice creams in our freezing hands.

“Hey my hands are cold.”

“You can hold mine if you want.” He seems so serious when he’s driving. It’s the cutest look ever. He drives me around town for a while, showing me his old school and where he grew up. We reminisce on the days we first met and the trouble we got into. Good times.
It’s been about thirty minutes. We drive out to an open cul de sack with no houses. It’s quiet, except for that damn dog barking. We go out and stand outside his car for a few minutes with his arms around me, gazing up at the stars. Then we realize we’re both shivering cold and run into his back seat.

“I bought the pillows and blanket, let me grab them from the trunk real quick.”

Cole races back inside and wraps a blanket around me. He lies down on the pillows and gives me a weird look.

“What’s that look for?”

“Nothing, it’s that that you’re beautiful.” I think I just melted a little on the inside.

I lay down on top of him for a while as we embrace in blissful silence. He gently strokes my shoulder and kisses my forehead.

“You smell good.”

“Thanks, I spilled cologne on myself when I was getting ready.” Charming.

I looked up at him and our gazes met for a few second. He tiled his head down and planted his lips on my lips. We had never kissed before but boy was it magical. After he pulled away, he kissed my forehead again and then proceeded to fully kiss me. The kissing went on for a while, so did the butterflies in my stomach.

Now, I had never gone further with a guy and I saw still kind of new at all this. This is why I was taken aback when Cole grabbed my butt. As we were kissing, he occasionally reached down and playfully squeezed my ass. Then, our kissing started getting more intense. Our breaths were getting heaving, his hands were grabbing more liberally. I sat up and he followed, kissing me along the way. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and he ran his up my thighs. His fingers slowly glided their way up my legs and into my skirt. He started rubbing me for a little bit as I let out a little moan with my head rolling back. Cole put one hand on the side of my neck and kissed the other side. I could feel like lips slowly planting kisses from the top of my neck down to the bottom, from the bottom of my neck to my collarbones, from my collarbones to my breasts. The hand that was on my neck slid down to my chest and caressed my goose bumped skin while the other hand reached inside my panties. His huge fingers slipped in and they were no match for my tiny hands.

“God, you’re so tight.”

By now my moans were empowering. I felt more kisses on my neck and grabbed his shoulders, needing something to hold on to. I scratched his back like an animal while he pleased me. He lay back down and took me with him. As he continued fingering me, I couldn’t help but to move my hips up and down his fingers, making them as wet as I was. His fingers started moving faster and faster as I started moaning louder and louder. I could feel myself about to lose it. Cole started rubbing my dripping pussy and I came right then and there, letting out a huge scream with my head flowing back in pleasure.

Cole kissed me again. We cuddled again. You could say we’re friends.


Can you stop doing and being and coming and going and trying and denying long enough to unwind beyond all measure of rationale?  

Can you rest camouflaging and hiding and pretending and inventing long enough to be spoiled in shameless extravagance?  

Can you end stifling your preferences and penchants and weaknesses long enough to be whispered thrilling intentions and provoking vulgarities and crude frivolities by a woman you trust and feel safe with?  

Can you let go of being ashamed and regretful and reluctant and embarrassed long enough to allow her pleasing wonderment to….

Unwind your tie and inhale your cologne… 

Unbutton your shirt and kiss your shoulders… 

Lick your neck and nibble your ear… 

Loosen your belt and kiss your navel… 

Unzip your pants and cup your excitement… 

Caress your skin and brush between your thighs…  

Rest her widening smile and kneel in obedience of your virile carnality?

Can you hold your urgency long enough to surrender in the utmost of trust to be skillfully licked and deliciously sucked as she savors each deep thrust expulsion?  

Can you let go long enough to be slathered and stroked and fondled and teased in your most private of places by her tongue and her lips and her light finger tips?

Can you want her to attend you long enough to admire her curvaceous silhouette and muse her voluptuousness to cum once again bursting a hot shower upon her toppling cleavage?   

And with her overwhelming desire to succumb astride your postured virility can you yield to her climax in unrelenting waves as a jolted flex of moistened delight and with the lightest caress explore and adore you to massage every inch and desire every moment of your stunning physique for no other reason than because you are a lascivious stallion who cantered many a spirited mare in your enviable prime… 

My first time with a girl

So before Christmas break an ex roommate came to visit me at my school campus. She graduated last year and is living with her boyfriend a couple of hours away. We were watching Sucker Punch and commenting about how hot the girls look which of course led us to talking about if we’d ever secretly wanted to mess around with another girl. I told her that I was curious and that I watch lesbian porn sometimes and she told me she once kissed a girl on a dare a long time ago but nothing had come of it. We kind of started laughing about it because we used to joke with each other back when we were dorming together that we were lesbians because some people on our floor thought we were since we used to be together a lot and nobody had ever really seen us with guys. But then she asked if I wanted her to kiss me just to get my ” first taste” as she put it. I said yes and she kind of took me by surprise because I thought she meant a normal kiss on the lips but she grabbed my face, closed her eyes and slipped her tongue in my mouth and kissed me for a few seconds. She pulled away but was still holding my face and we just kind of looked at each other. I felt awkward but then she asked if I liked it and I just nodded and then she told me to kiss her. I was so nervous but I did the same thing to her and she slowly laid back on the bed and put her hands on my back to make sure I got on top of her. At that point I was sure she wanted to do it so I just kept kissing her and then I slipped my hand slowly under her tank top and felt her tit. I could feel her nipple was already hard and when I did that she just moaned and started taking my shirt off kind of roughly. I took off my bra and when she saw my pierced tits she sat up and started licking my nipples while staring up at me and kind of smiling. She took off my jeans and panties and started rubbing my clit slowly so it felt like a soft tickle. I got so horny and got on my hands and knees on the bed and she grabbed my ass and kept rubbing my wet pussy. I was so hot because I had never had my clit rubbed like that before. She put her index and middle fingers in me and started fucking me like that slowly. I told her to lick my pussy at the same time and when she did I REALLY started moaning. My legs started trembling because of how hot I was and I laid down on my back and continued to let her fuck me with her flicking tongue and fingers. I was trembling so much my legs started coming together uncontrollably as I tried to keep them apart. Then she just suddenly stood up and went to the bathroom and I felt embarrassed because I thought she didn’t want to do it anymore but then I heard the shower running and she came back already naked and laughing and asked what I was waiting for. I got up happy again and we got in the shower together and she leaned against the wall and I started sucking her tits. She was already playing with her pussy so I slipped my hand inside too and she moved hers back to my clit. She told me to fuck her harder so I did and she put her leg up against the wall and started moaning like crazy. She’s really a hard moaner! I got hotter the louder and faster she moaned and I knelt down and started sucking on her clit while still fucking her. We took turns doing that and continuously kept bringing our fingers to each others mouths to taste our own pussies and each other’s. I don’t know for how long we fucked in there but when we were finally done we were so exhausted we just laid naked on the bed still soaking wet and we just kissed for a little bit and smiled at each other until we fell asleep.
We talked the next morning and I asked her if we were still friends or girlfriends or something. I felt so confused but so happy to have her next to me and she told me she felt like she loved me. I asked her if she will dump her boyfriend and she said yes because she doesn’t feel like she really loves him anyway but she feels sort of stuck because of their lease and because she isn’t confident she can afford to live alone and she doesn’t want to stick him with the rent because she still likes him as a friend. Anyway, she and I see eachother on the weekends and when I can drive up to see her during the week. We don’t spend our entire time fucking because we really do like doing other things together, but when we do have sex it just feels like I’m fucking her for the first time and she makes me tremble every time. We’ve watched some straight and lesbian porn together and we bought some vibrators and warming lubes to use now. Our sex is just so different from guys! It feels more passionate and personal! I want to explore kinky roleplay because I like that sort of thing.
We’ve decided to keep what we did between us only until she can find a place closer to me when their lease is up and she can break up with him officially and we can live together. I told her “jokingly” a few days ago that it would be hot if we did it with him too and she actually said she would try to ask if he ever fantasizes about having a threesome! I really just want to have a threesome so we can see each other getting fucked because we like to watch each other masturbate when we’re together and over webcam but I don’t care if he goes for it or not because we’ll still be together anyway. If he says yes though, I’ll let you know how it goes!

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